P.U. Swami Sarvanand Giri Regional Centre

Notice Board/Circulars

Information for Admissions to UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur

Following persons may please be contacted for any query related to the admissions to the engg courses in UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur

  1. Mr. Abhishek Chauhan        Mob. No. 09855006798
  2. Mr Surjeet Singh Thakur      Mob. No.  09464325121

  Dated: 18/06/2015
105/05/2020ONLINE WEBINAR ON: BLOCKCHAIN FOR ENTERPRISE, organised by CSE Dept, UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur On May 7, 2020 TIME: 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM
203/05/2020Panjab University has re-scheduled the date of entrance tests for the session 2020-2021
303/05/2020Webniar by Hon'ble Human Resource Development Minister, Shri R P 'Nishank' on 5th May, 2020 at 12:00 Noon.
423/04/2020PUMEET 2020 : Panjab University Migration Engineering Entrance Test 2020
515/04/2020Free "Learn English 2D/3D visual rich content course" learning opportunity for Students from Government of India.
619/02/2020Quotation for the Purchase of UIET Library Books 2019-20, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
710/02/2020Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty on 19-02-2020
806/02/2020Invitation for Aequitas'20- The national law-Cum-Cultural Fest at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur on 20th Feb 2020, 10:00 AM onwards
921/01/2020Quotations for supply of books for DCSA library at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
1009/11/2019UILS MST NOTICE: On account of the holiday declared on 11 November 2019, the MST of Monday has been cancelled. The next date will be proposed later on.
1108/11/2019Revised Undertaking by Student
1207/11/20194th Law convocation of PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur (for degrees of 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) will be conducted on 23rd November 2019 in Gymnasium Hall of Sports Department Panjab University (Notice Enc)
1318/10/20196 Months Industrial Training letter
1417/09/2019Counseling Notice For Migration
1509/09/2019Admission Notice for MCA 1st year: Counseling for vacant seats of MCA 1st year at DCSA, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur on 11 Sep 2019 till 02:00 PM (doc enc)
1609/09/2019Counselling Notice for LLB (3 Year Course) from Rank 1 to 1509 (all eligible) on 11-09-2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Campus Moot Court Room, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
1706/09/2019Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty (Sociology) at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Odd Semester (Session 2019-2020) is re-scheduled and will be held on 01-10-2019 at 11:00 a.m (doc enc)
1806/09/2019The Walk-In-Interview for appointing Guest Faculty to teach in CSE department at UIET PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Odd Semester (Academic Session 2019-2020) on 24/9/2019 Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.
1906/09/2019The Walk-In-Interview for appointing Guest Faculty to teach the classes of MCA at DCSA, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Odd Semester (Academic Session 2019-2020) on 24/9/2019 Tuesday, 10:00 a.m.
2005/09/2019Counseling Notice for LLB (3 yr course)
2105/09/2019Last Date extended to admission in MCA course in PU teaching departments/Regional Centre up to 10 Sept 2019 (with late fee) (info enc)
2329/08/2019Migration Notice for LLB and BALLB
2427/08/2019Spot Counseling Notice LLB
2526/08/2019Seats Status of UILS PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur as on 26-08-2019
2626/08/2019LLB Admission Notice-7
2722/08/2019OGC Category Counseling notice for LLB course
2821/08/2019BALLB course students admitted in 2nd counselling are required to submit the fees (given in the pdf) by 22-08-2019 to retain the seat
2920/08/2019Walk-In-Interviews (on 03-09-2019) for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Odd Semester (Academic Session 2019-2020) (schedule enclosed)
3020/08/2019LLB Admission Notice - 6
3116/08/2019LLB Admission Notice - 5
3216/08/2019LLB Counselling for NRI (02)/Sports Categories (03) on 20-08-2019 as per schedule given, at Moot Court Room PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
3314/08/2019NRI Admission in BALLB Fee Notice
3414/08/2019LLB admission notice 4
3514/08/2019BALLB Sport Category Admission Notice
3613/08/2019Admission to MCA 1st year course that was scheduled on 13/08/2019 has been postponed to 14/08/2019 on the same time and venue.
3713/08/2019NOTICE for 2ND COUNSELLING FOR PULEET-2019: Second round of Counselling is scheduled on 14.8.2019 at U.I.E.T., Sector-25, Panjab University, Chandigarh, (as per the schedule in the link)
3813/08/2019As per the orders of Deputy Commissioner hoshiarpur, PUSSGRC shall remain closed for today.
3912/08/2019Postponement of Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty
4009/08/2019Admission Notice for MCA 1st year: Special counseling for vacant seats of MCA 1st year at DCSA, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur on 13th Aug 2019 from 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM
4108/08/2019Classes of LLB 3 year course 1st semester will be starting from 13 August 2019 onwards
4207/08/2019LLB Admission Notice-3
4306/08/2019LLB Admission Notice - 2
4403/08/2019LLB Admission Notice
4502/08/2019The Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Odd Semester (Academic Session 2019-2020) on 13-08-2019, 10:00 AM onwards
4631/07/2019Notice for LLB & BALLB Classes Schedule
4729/07/2019B.A.L.L.B. course students admitted in 1st counselling are required to submit the fees (given in the pdf) by 31-07-2019 to retain the seat
4819/07/2019Counseling notice LLB
4911/07/2019NCC INFORMATION JULY 2019
5010/07/2019Admission and Fee Schedule for ongoing classes of MCA at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the session 2019-20
5109/07/2019Ongoing Classes of BALLB are informed that their classes are started provisionally from 08/07/2019 onwards for the session 2019-20
5209/07/2019Admission and Fee Schedule for ongoing classes of Law Courses for session 2019-20
5308/07/2019Application Form for admission to UIET, Hoshiarpur for continuing classes only
5408/07/2019Urgent Notice : Admission and fee schedule for ongoing classes of BE (CSE, ECE,IT & MEC) for session 2019-20
5526/06/2019Applications submission for PULEET 2019 has started yesterday. Interested candidates can submit the application form at
5625/06/2019Admission Form PGDCA for session 2019-20
5725/06/2019Admission Notice PGDCA for session 2019-20
5822/06/2019Admissions in 2nd year (3rd semester) of B. E courses for the session 2019-20 through Panjab University Migration Engineering Entrance Test (PUMEET 2019)
5931/05/2019Information for admission in the BE courses at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
6013/05/2019Regarding MCA Admissions for Batch 2019-22
6110/05/2019Degree Award Ceremony on 25th May 2019
6218/04/2019Undertaking By student
6318/04/20194-6 weeks training letter
6614/03/2019Final Report of the UGC Project entitled "Morphology tuning of nano gold using highly surface active inorganic molecules"
6706/03/2019Library Membership Rules
6822/02/2019Library Membership Application form
6907/12/2018A7. Final Training Report Writing Guidlines
7007/12/2018A6. Final Training Evaluation Performa
7107/12/2018A5. Mid Term Training Report Writing Guidlines
7207/12/2018A4. Mid Term Evaluation Performa
7307/12/2018A3. training reporting details
7407/12/2018A2. Undertaking 6 months trg dec18
7507/12/2018A1. 8th Sem INDUSTRIAL TRAINING (Jan 19_ Letter Format)
7613/11/2018Invitation for First International Conference (AFTMME-2018) from 15th to 17th Nov 2018
7704/10/2018BALLB Migration Notice 2
7801/10/2018Migration Notice for BALLB
7917/09/2018Notice Regarding Single Girl Child Counselling of LLB & BALLB
8017/09/2018Counselling for Migration to UILS, Hoshiarpur Dated 24/09/18
8117/09/2018Counselling for LLB Course Dated 26/09/18
8207/09/2018LLb Admission Notice 10
8305/09/2018LLB Admission Notice 9
8431/08/2018Notice for Orientation Programme of 1st Year students & PULEET students PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
8531/08/2018Lateral Entry through Migration: From Other Universities/Colleges (B.E.- 3RD Semester) for the session 2018-19
8630/08/2018Fee Notice for students Admitted on 24/08/2018 under General and Reserved Categories of B.A.LL.B. Five year course
8730/08/2018Fee Notice for LL.B. students three year course
8829/08/2018Notice-Migration to Uils Hoshiarpur
9028/08/2018Training Letter
9127/08/2018llb admission notice-7
9223/08/2018MCA Special Counseling
9321/08/2018LLB admission notice-6
9416/08/2018extension in submission of fee LLB 1st year
9514/08/2018LLB admission notice-5
9614/08/2018Fee notice for BALLB 1st year students
9710/08/2018LLB admission Notice - 4
9810/08/2018Counselling for the sports category for LLB Course at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur Date: 13-08-2018 Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
9909/08/2018LLB sports category counselling on 13-8-18
10009/08/2018LLB admission notice-4
10108/08/2018Mca offline counseling
10207/08/2018LLB admission notice -3
10303/08/2018LLB admission notice -2
10403/08/2018Classes notice for LLB 1st year
10531/07/2018Fee notice for BALLB sports category
10631/07/2018LLB Admission notice-1
10731/07/2018Work/Maintenance Complaint
10826/07/2018Merit lists for reserve category (SC, ST,BC,DEF, PwD Riot Victims,FF) candidates : Counseling scheduled on 28-7-2018
10924/07/2018Merit List LLB: only candidates upto rank 800 are invited for counselling on 25-7-18
11024/07/2018Urgent Notice: Discrepancies in Merit List
11122/07/2018COUNSELLING SCHEDULE FOR LLB (1st counselling)
11319/07/2018 Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty in Hindi for Odd Semester (Academic Session 2018-19) at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur, is to be held on 03-08-2018 at 11:00 a.m. at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur.
11413/07/2018SWS Fee Notice
11511/07/2018Admission & fee schedule for ongoing MCA classes (2018-19)
11611/07/2018Admission & fee schedule for ongoing BE classes (CSE,MEC,IT,ECE)(2018-19)
11711/07/2018Law Fee Notice (2018-19)
11810/07/2018The classes/teaching for the session 2018-19 of B.A.L.L.B. 3rd, 5th,7th & 9th semester will commence from 9th July 2018 (Monday), LLB 3rd & 5th semester will start from 30th July, 2018
11922/06/2018Admission and Fee Schedule for the ongoing Classes of MCA for session 2018-19
12022/06/2018Admission and Fee Schedule for the ongoing Classes of B.E. (CSE, IT, ECE & MEC) for session 2018-19
12120/06/2018The Walk-In-Interview for appointing Guest Faculty to teach the classes of MCA in department of Computer Science & Applications, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur, Date: 14/7/2018 Saturday
12201/06/2018B.E First year admissions (2018-19) through JAC-2018
12325/05/2018MCA Brochure 2018-19
12419/05/2018B.E lateral entry admissions in (2nd year) through PULEET-2018
12507/05/2018List of B.A.L.L.B. 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students Detained for April-May 2018 Examination due to shortage of Lectures.
12607/05/2018List of LLB 1st year students Detained for April-May 2018 Examination due to shortage of Lectures.
12727/04/2018Degree Award Ceremony-2018
12824/04/2018Names of Books Publisher considered for API Score for CAS promotions for DCSA, PUSSGRC Hoshiarpur
12909/04/2018Final Training Report Writing Guidlines
13009/04/2018Undertaking 4 to 6 week trg
13109/04/20184-6 Week TRAINING Letter 2018
13219/03/2018Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty in Economics for Even Semester (Academic Session 2017-18) at UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur to be held on 28-03-2018 at 9:00 a.m. at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur.
13313/03/2018Corrigendum for Advertisement No. 933/PUSSGRC Dated: 09-03-2018 for Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty in Physics, Maths & Economics for UIET, PUSSGRC, Hsp is rescheduled.
13412/03/2018Corrigendum for Advertisement No. 932/PUSSGRC Dated: 09-03-2018 for Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty in Economics for UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur rescheduled on 19-03-2018 at 10:00 a.m. PUSSGRC, Hsp
13512/03/2018Corrigendum for Advertisement No. 934/PUSSGRC Dated: 09-03-2018 for Walk-in-Interview for Guest Faculty in Law for UILS, PUSSGRC Hoshiarpur rescheduled on 19-03-2018 at 3:00 p.m. at PUSSGRC, Hsp
13610/03/2018The Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Even Semester (Academic Session 2017-2018) for Economics, Physics, Maths Date: 17-03-2018 at 12:00
13710/03/2018The Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Even Semester (Academic Session 2017-2018) for Teaching Law: Date 20-03-2018 at 12:00 Noon
13810/03/2018The Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Even Semester (Academic Session 2017-2018) For Teaching Economics: Date 17-03-2018 at 10:00 a.m.
13928/02/2018PUSSGRC Students are being awarded with Gold Medal in Convocation on 04/03/2018
14121/12/2017Students of UIET, UILS, DCSA Hoshiarpur are advised to attend the classes regularly from beginning of the semester to avoid shortage of attendance.
14206/11/2017Training Letter For MCA 2017
14304/10/2017Notice for B.A.LL.B students regarding submission of Pending Post Matric Scholarship form on or before 10-10-2017
14428/09/20178th Sem INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Letter Format from January 2018
14521/09/2017Counseling of BA.LL.B course for 01 (one) seat lying vacant , Date: 24-9-17 (sunday) Venue: Auditorium, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur, Time 9.30am to 11.00 am
14614/09/2017Counseling notice for BALLB / LLB on 15-9-17
14711/09/2017Walk in interview for Guest Faculty in DCSA Dept. Of PUSSGRC, HOSHIARPUR
14805/09/2017Counseling for vacant seats of LLB from rank 801 to 1400 for General Category, Date 11-09-2017, Time 10:30 to 1200 Noon
14905/09/2017Migration Notice of UILS
15029/08/2017Urgent notice-spot allotment of seats on 31.8.17 for LLB course at PUSSGRC. Hoshiarpur
15124/08/2017Golden/Special Chance/Improvement of the performance/additional subjects (Annual System) examinations at Bajwara-9, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur is postponed due to holiday on 25/8/2017 (Friday).
15224/08/2017Seat allotement Notice-3 for LLB last date 28-8-17
15318/08/2017Allotment of seats out of waiting list for LL.B course, Noitce-2 last date 22-8-17
15418/08/2017Couseling for Sport category for LL.B. course at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
15516/08/2017Students admitted provisionally in BALLB in Sports Counselling at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
15613/08/2017Allotment of seats out of waiting list for LL.B course, Noitce-1" last date 16-8-17
15711/08/2017Seats of LL.B. Cancelled due to non payment of fee
15811/08/2017Waiting list for LLB at PUSSGRC Hoshiarpur
15911/08/2017Formation of Students' Sports Committee for the session 2017-18
16101/08/2017Fee Notice for students admitted provisionally in this campus in counseling held at 28/07/2017: Last Date 02/08/2017
16228/07/2017Ist Counselling schedule for LLB 1st year. date: 31 July 2017- 09:30 AM onwards, Venue: Dept of Laws PU Chandigarh.
16325/07/2017List of BALLB. 1st year students abstaining from classes since 11 july,2017
16413/07/2017Anti Ragging Committee for UIET, UILS, DCSA PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for academic session 2017-18
16610/07/2017Fee Notice for the students of B.A. L.L.B(Hons) 5 Year Integrated Course (2017-2018) 1st Semester (On or Before 11/07/2017 04:00PM)
16710/07/2017List of B.A. L.L.B(Hons) 5 Year Integrated Course (2017-2018) 1st Semester
16806/07/2017Extension of Date for Re-appear Examination July, 2017.
16901/07/2017Reappear examination July 2017
17030/06/2017PHD scholars for PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
17123/06/2017Fee BE 2017-18 on going Class
17223/06/2017Admission Form BE & MCA on going Classes 2017-2018
17319/06/2017Fee Notice for BALLB and LLB (10-07-2017 to 22-07-2017 without late fee)
17401/06/2017ADMISSION NOTICE(2017) to various B.E./ B.Tech./ B. Arch./ B.E.(Chemical)- MBA courses for the session 2017-18
17523/05/2017Change in the timings of BA/BCom LLB 5 years Course Examination held in May/june 2017
17623/05/2017BE First Year Admissions 2017-18
17717/05/2017B.E lateral entry admissions in (2nd year) through PULEET-2017
17828/04/2017Contact Details for handling public enquiry with regard to admission to various courses being run at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
17926/04/2017Degree Award Ceremony of 2012-2016 Batch at P.U. Chandigarh on Dated: 08/05/2017
18007/04/2017Internal Exam Datesheet BALLB (HONS.) 2nd Semester
18109/03/20174-6 Week TRAINING Letter 2017
18213/02/2017Quotations for supply of Books (Law) at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur by 22/02/2017 till 3:00PM
18315/12/2016Tender regarding allotment of Canteen (On lease for 3 years)
18405/12/2016Quotation for Library books (UIET, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur)-2016
18518/11/2016Six Months Industrial Training Letter MCA (DCSA)
18616/11/2016Walk-in-Interview on 29-11-2016 For Security Guards (02-Male) (Purely on Contract basis) 9:00 a.m. onwards
18726/10/2016Six Months Industrial Training Letter Jan 2017
18818/10/2016Notice for filling of 02 vacant Seats of LLB 1st year, on 20-10-2016 at 01:00 PM, out of the enlisted candidates, as per their merit.
18904/10/2016Migrate in LL.B. and B.A. LL.B. courses at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur against vacant seats available in the campus
19026/09/2016Quotations for supply of Batteries for UPS at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
19107/09/2016Urgent Notice for availing fee concession where both parent of the student are not surviving or only mother survives but not able to bear the expenditure
19207/09/2016Urgent Notice for Means-Cum-Merit based Tuition fee Support
19307/09/2016Urgent Notice for freeship and tuition fee concession (EWS) category
19423/08/2016Computer and Network Usage Policy of Panjab University & PUSSGRC
19522/08/2016 Registration Notice of Law Convocation for pass-out batch of 2015
19619/08/2016Allotment of Seats to the Waiting List Candidates of LLB- Notice-IV
19716/08/2016Allotment of Seats to the Waiting List Candidates- Notice-III
19814/08/2016Law Convocation for conferring the degrees to the pass out batch of session 2014-15 would be held on Saturday, 1st October, 2016 in the Gymnasium Hall, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
19912/08/20163rd counseling for 22 vacant seats of MCA course (First Year ), at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur (only) on 16th August, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. onwards.
20012/08/2016Allotment of Seats to the Waiting List Candidates- Notice-II
20109/08/2016Allotment of Seats to the Waiting List Candidates- Notice-I
20209/08/2016Waiting List of General category for LL.B. Course for the Session 2016-17 PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
20306/08/2016Spot round reporting schedule for B.E. Admissions
20404/08/2016LLB Counseling for late applicants is on 5-8-16 (Friday) in the auditorium, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
20530/07/2016Counseling dates and Schedule of PULEET 2016
20628/07/2016List of the candidates selected in Defence Catergory. Last date for submition of their first installment of fee is by 29-07-2016 , 12.00 noon
20727/07/2016Admission List of LLB 1st Year students session 2016-17 (last date of fee submission is 28-07-2016)
20825/07/2016HANDBOOK of Hostel Rules, PUSSGRC 2016-17
20925/07/2016Counselling for Sports Category for LL.B course at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur will also be held on 26-7-2016 with other reserved categories
21121/07/2016Corrigendum to Advt. No. 2672/PUSSGRC Dated 16/7/2016 Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty
21321/07/2016The counseling for the reserved category of LL.B 3 Year scheduled on 26-07-2016 will start from 10 a.m onwards
21416/07/2016Walk-In-Interview for appointing Guest Faculty for MCA in DCSA, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Academic Session 2016-2017 will be held on 29-7-2016
21514/07/2016Tentative Admission Schedule of LL.B. 1st sem session 2016-17 at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur.
21612/07/2016Revised norm/Guidelines regarding Post Matric Scholarship for the SC/ST Students studying in Panjab University, its Regional Centres & Panjab University Constitute Colleges
21710/07/2016Candidates who have applied under sports category in LL.B. course at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur, are required to submit the mentioned documents at Department of Sports PU Chandigarh by 11-7-2016 by 3.00 PM
21808/07/2016Corrigendum to Advt. No. 2506/PUSSGRC Dated: 05/07/2016 : Walk-In-Interview for Guest Faculty
21908/07/2016Deficient Documents of LLB Candidates
22005/07/2016Students of LLB and B.A. LL.B are required to deposit their 1st installment of fee for the session 2016-17 along with admission form ( available on campus website) on or before 20-07-2016.
22105/07/2016Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at UILS, PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Academic Session 2016-2017 on 22-07-2016 and 23-07-2016
22204/07/2016Application form for admission to the UIET, Hoshiarpur for continuing classes only Session 2016-17
22330/06/2016Admission & Fee Schedule for the on going MCA Semesters 2016-2017
22429/06/2016Notice for 1st Enrollment fee of BE Students 2016-2017 with admission form on or before 14/07/2016
22524/06/2016Admission Form for LAW and MCA
22717/06/2016 B.E first year admissions (JAC) 2016-17
22818/05/2016PULEET - 2016 Panjab University, Chandigarh FOR ADMISSION TO SSGPURC HOSHIARPUR PUNJAB
22908/04/2016Schedule of Degree award ceremony of B.E. being held at LAW auditorium, PU Chandigarh on 23.04.2016
23007/04/2016Degree Award Ceremony of B.E. students 2015 pass out batch on April 23, 2016 (Saturday) at 2.00 p.m. in Law Auditorium, Panjab University, Chandigarh
23111/03/2016Walk-In-Interview for the Post of Driver (01 post) purely on Contractual basis (D.C. rates) on 29-03-2016 from 10:00 a.m. onwards.
23215/02/2016Quotations for Water Cooler with Purifier for Girls Hostel PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur by 26/02/2016 till 04:00 p.m
23309/02/2016Quotations for supply of Furniture articles at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur by 25/02/2016 till 3:00 p.m
23421/01/2016Quotations for supply of Furniture articles at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
23521/01/2016Quotations for supply of Physics Lab instruments at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
23606/01/2016Walk-In-Interviews for appointing Guest Faculty to teach at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur for the Even Semester (Session 2015-2016)
23711/12/2015Quotation for the purchase of Books (Engineering) at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur, Last date 31-12-2015 till 05:00 PM
23819/11/2015Canteen Shop Tender of PUSSGRC, Hoshairpur
23913/11/2015Quotations for supply of Furniture articles at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur (Date: 12/11/2015).
24003/11/2015Schedule for Eight Counseling (B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) 5 Years Integrated Course) at UILS,PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
24129/10/20152nd Installment fee of BE before 26-11-2015
24229/10/2015EWS Notice
24329/10/20152nd Installment fee of MCA before 25-11-2015
24429/10/20152nd Installment fee of LLB and BA.LLB before 25-11-2015
24515/10/20152nd National Conference on Mechanical Engg (NCME- II) 6-7 Nov, 2015
24614/10/2015Schedule for Seventh Counseling (B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) 5 Years Integrated Course) at UILS,PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur on 15-10-2015
24714/10/2015Schedule for forth Counseling LL.B 3 Years at UILS,PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur on 15-10-2015
24810/09/2015Examination Notice for B.E. Students (All Branches) of PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
25128/08/2015Schedule of the Sixth Counseling (for B.A .LL.B 5years Integrated Course)
25227/08/2015Regarding 3rd Counseling for Vacant Seats of MCA course at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
25327/08/2015Walk-In Interview for Guest Faculty Of Communication Skills in PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur
25425/08/2015Tuition fee Refund form
25513/08/2015Conversion of seats LL.B 1st Semester at PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur & approval of waiting list for the session 2015-16
25613/08/2015LLB-1st YEAR , 3rd COUNSELLING SCHEDULE 14-08-2015
25711/08/2015Additional members of the Texas Co-ordination Committee
25805/08/2015Committees for the campus for collective decision making and its day to day administration for the session 2015-16 with immediate effect
25928/07/2015Provisional Waiting List of various categories for Admission to LL.B.- Ist Semester at UILS PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur as on 28-07-2015.
26125/07/2015PULEET Counselling Notice 2015
26223/07/2015PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST of CATEGORY ADMITTED CANDIDATES to LL.B Ist semester in first counselling held on 22-07-2015 at UILS, PUSSGRC,Hoshiarpur
26322/07/2015PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST of admitted candidates to LL.B Ist semester in first counselling held on 21-07-2015 at UILS, PUSSGRC,Hoshiarpur
26420/07/2015Eligibility Conditions For admission to various B. E Courses at PUSSGRC, hoshiarpur
26620/07/2015Conduct of Re-Examination of B.E. 1st year examination held in January 2015
26716/07/2015Additional Examination for 6th & 8th semester during July/August 2015
26814/07/2015Corrigendum to Advt. no. 2757/PUSSGRC, Dated: 07/07//2015, It is further clarified that the Walk-In-Interview for the Post of Driver (01) is scheduled on 24/7/2015 (Friday).
26914/07/2015Admission and Fee Schedule for ongoing classes of Law and MCA course for the session 2015-16
27014/07/2015All the B.E. (Mech., ECE, CSE & IT branches) Students are hereby informed that they must deposit their 1st installment of fee (Rs. 42,667/- (tuition fee- Rs. 27,900/- + other charges 14767/-))
27108/07/2015Walk-In-Interview will be held for the Post of Driver (01) on Contractual basis (Current D.C. rates) on 18/07/2015 from 10:00 AM onwards
27202/07/2015Date sheet for BE 1 year, 3rd , 5th & 7th semester (Re-appear) commencing w.e.f 08 Jul 2015
27301/07/2015FEE SLIP PERFORMA
27418/06/2015Nodal Officer for Student Facilitation Centre (SFC)
27518/06/2015Information Officer for PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur.
27618/06/2015Information Officer for PUSSGRC, Hoshiarpur.
27729/04/2015Branch Sliding Rules

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